City of Omaha Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Contract Winner 2017/2018

Spring 2017 Holland and McKee will be treating 2,500 Ash trees in Omaha for the Emerald Ash Borer

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City of Omaha Contact Information

Example Letter From The City Regarding Tree Removal

City Letter

City of Omaha EAB Quick Facts


1 Holland and Mckee has the contract to treat EAB in the city of Omaha starting in spring of 2017. Exact time will be determined and the amount will be at least 2500 trees the first year and at least 2500 the following year.
2. As per city ordinance the trees in city right away are the abutting homeowners responsibility to maintain (treat for EAB , trim  etc.) If the tree is marked for removal the owner has the right to petition the city for a permit to treat the tree and avoid removal.
  A.  As long as the tree is inspected by a licensed arborist and treated  by a licensed applicator. And using the Arbor Jet System with Treeage following the recommended dosages per the label.
  B.  If the tree would die or become a hazard at any point before during or after treatment the city will remove the tree at city expense  as per city ordinance.
3. Home owners association may petition  for a permit to save  trees in the right of ways and parks from removal following the same guide lines as for home owners.
4. It is the cities desire that everyone would treat there ash trees.
5. Order that trees will be treated that are tagged.
  A. The city will tag a minimum of 2500 trees for the spring of 2017 and will have the areas where trees are at specified.
  B.  The cities stance is that all of the 2500 + trees are top priority.
  C.  The city gives Holland and Mckee full authority  and it’s their sole discretion  to treat the trees in the areas, in any order as they see fit, to help expedite  the process and be able to treat all the trees allotted for that time line.
6. The city will continue the tree removal process through this fall and winter and so on and so forth as long as city deems it necessary to combat  the EAB threat.
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