At Holland and McKee we offer a variety of services to best serve our customers. Scroll down to see a brief description of our most common services. 

Disease and Pest Treatment

​​Holland and McKee is at the forefront of tree treatment. We use the most effective, efficient, and safe methods. Using compressed air, the ArborJet system applies the Treeage solution. This is an injection system that guarantees an exact dose and zero waste. It also comes with an exclusive two year guarantee.

EAB Arbor Jet
Arbor Jet

Maintenance and Vitamin Programs



A healthy tree is a safe tree. Help your tree be less suscetible to diseases and pests by using a maintence program. Our arbortists will assess your trees, identitfy any problems, and form a unique plan for your tree’s success. 
A green tree



Trimming your tree of excess or dead branches is a vital part of tree health. Trimming your trees helps to shape your trees, reduces storm damage to the tree, and produces a better looking tree.

Yellow Tree

Tree Removal

Tree Removal

On occasion, its more practical to remove a tree than to treat. If in question give us a call, and we would be happy to send out trained arborists to assess the viability of your tree. If the tree needs removed, we have a full service removal crew to take care of your tree. 

Stump Grinding Service 


Holland and McKee specializes in difficult and hard to reach stumps. Our services feature a grinder capable of going through most gates. Eliminating the need to take down fence and it’s lighter weight helps preserve your lawn from damage caused by bulkier and older equipment. 

Stump Removal
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